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How to update your home on a £10,000 budget


Your property is important to you, this is why it’s key to maintain the inside as well as the outside. Keeping your home desirable for buyers is always a good move as it gives you options. If your home is particularly attractive, estate agents will come to you as it will boost their business to have your home on their books. This is always a good position to be in. When a buyer comes to view your home, it’s essential that they can picture making a life for themselves within those four walls, so every impression counts. All properties need updating from time to time because what was stylish 15 years ago is unlikely to be ‘en vogue’ now. Above all, giving your home a facelift needn’t be expensive and can add serious value to your property. It’s usually a good idea to start with either the kitchen or the bathroom as these are always the rooms that tend to sell a property.
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