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Revamping your bathroom needn’t be a bore

Bath tub

Almost everyone will agree that that the two major selling points of any property are the kitchen and the bathroom. With this in mind, it’s always worth making the most of these two rooms and this inevitably begins with making said space seem inviting.  This can be done in many different ways, but usually it comes down to colours and textures.

Light colours and sky lights can open up even the pokiest of rooms, meaning that you don’t have to always adhere to white and cream, which are often over used these days in an attempt to give buyers a sense of a blank canvas.  There seems to be a couple of schools of thought at the moment: one is rich colours and old style regal elegance (you might even call this fussy); and the other is sleek, making use of straight lines and rectangular or square shapes that create a modern if not slightly clinical feel to a room.  A bathroom should never be fussy, but it can still be inviting and give off an air of luxury.

Today’s baths and showers can take you to another world, like this one below left spotted at the Ideal Home Show this year.
Ideal homes showWith its multiple jets of water that come at you not just from above but from the sides too, it’s a pretty luxury item to have in your bathroom!  However not all of us can afford such an expense.  When money is the issue (and it usually is), just opt for a simpler option: a big shower head. These come in all shapes and sizes these days and can offer you more than just a puny dribble of water.  Some have more than one head; others are the size of a dinner plate.  To see what’s really out there it’s worth taking a look at and to name but a few.

It’s important that the sink, taps, bath/ shower combo fit together neatly and that they’re similar in style.  It can look ill-thought out to have a mixture of curves and straight lines combined with ostentatious gold taps.  It’s best to choose one style and stick to it.  All these styles have their merits, but put them together and this is a poor design choice (it may seem obvious, but it’s interesting how often people fall into this trap). Gold taps on a standalone bath look beautiful, but this really only works if you have a very large bathroom – and not many of us do.  Ultimately it’s about making proper use of the space you have and sometimes that mean compromising. Most or all property developers or estate agents will tell you that absolutely everyone requires a bath in their bathroom.  But if you really don’t have the space is it worth sticking a hulking great tub in there just to appease possible buyers? The point is that you have to put up with it, not them! Plus, how many of us actually use them these days? In our busy lives, if we do somehow manage to make time for that coveted soak in the bath, surely it’s just once a week on a Sunday or even rarer? Sacrificing the tub may not really be such a big deal.

Of course it’s not just about the fixtures and fittings, it’s about the walls too.  These days there are beautiful tiles and wall papers that can be used as a feature or focal point throughout the bathroom.  Some bathrooms are half tiles/half wall paper like the one below, which makes use of the compatibility of black and white throughout and uses silver birch wallpaper as a focal point:tile wallpaper mix up bathroom (2)

Or there’s this one, that uses black and white tiles with an art deco theme:


If you are thinking about re-tiling take a quick look at for some inspirational ideas. A lot of wallpapers play with the idea of textures, often giving off an illusion that can be very attractive in the bathroom.  Some are rich in pattern, while others more subtle like only using one colour; but creating what the eye sees as a 3D:


And check out these by Fardis which has a beautiful and exciting range of wallpaper designs that can turn any room from dull to eye-catching.

All rooms need mirrors and accessories, but why go for the standard when you can be so much more creative and bold? The use of mats, shelves and cubes can be very useful when you want to add a touch of colour to an otherwise plain looking bathroom.  It is often with your choice of accessories that you can really show off your style, there is more to it than just having matching towels. Why not accessorise with a large wall clock or stylish mirror? Here, the designer goes one step further and the use of mirror tiles gives the illusion that a wall mirror is embedded in the tiles:

Bathroom 2 the mirror

Avoiding clutter needn’t be a tall order there are plenty of styles of bathroom cabinets and cubes that can keep all those bathroom essentials out of the way and not piled next to the sink which is both convenient and untidy.  These cubes are a perfect and more individual way to store all the clutter:

Cube storage

Whatever your style, bathroom size or budget; you can revamp this room and turn it into more than just a place to groom, it can be a place to relax and wash the day away.  Whether you’re into modern design styles or take your inspiration from 17th century France, your bathroom can go above and beyond becoming just a sink, bath and shower.