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House price indices – From financial crisis to today


Here’s an infographic the Office for National Statistics published regarding regional house prices before and after the financial crisis. This gives you an insight into the degree to which house prices have changed since 2008 region to region:

House price indices

House price indices before and after the financial crisis (2008 – 2014) – Source:

And here’s a look at this year’s house price index. Note London is still ahead of the curve in terms of price increases – property went up in value by 12%.

Current State of Regional House Price Index in 2015

Regional House price index for 2015

Regional House price index for 2015 – Source:


As for London, interestingly Waltham Forest and Newham increased by the largest percentage over the last year, while Kensington and Chelsea increased by the smallest amount; despite the popularity of prime London. Lambeth was another good option for investors as is demonstrated in the infographic below:

What about London Boroughs?

London Borough Property Index

London Borough Average House Price Change in 2015 – Source:



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