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Ideal Home Show – a review

Sofas and chairs

Here at Property Ambition we’d never visited the Ideal Home Show before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Your intrepid correspondents arrived early and got busy exploring all sorts of interesting weird and wonderful sites such as this AWESOME beer table below – just perfect for those long summer nights (although we’d personally prefer champagne in the ice, not Budweisers – pretentious, us?)

Beer table


It seems that such tables can be used for multiple purposes!

Fire table






We decided to hover around admiring art and other random things  for a while….

ME by lights Ideal Home Show

Then we concluded that  the beer table was a better option:

me and jess with louboutins

The big exhibitors are on the main floor where there are garden interiors, home improvements and lots of different wallpaper samples for you to choose from, like this flowery one:

Flower wallpaper

And this 3D one:


Our favourite was the below. So colourful! What beautiful birds:


There were also some Alice in Wonderland-esque chairs! Can just imagine the Mad Hatter in this one…

Check chair


Check out the fantastic shower below with lots of different settings:

Ideal homes show

And of course the ubiquitous stand-alone bathtub. Just shame there are no claw feet…

Bath tub

For those of you who have a slightly larger budget you may want to consider this mini swimming pool. We’re saving up as we speak…

Swimming pool

And last but not least.

This massage chair – simply BLISS! Pretty pricey at £7k or so from

Ten minutes in this baby and you’ll NEVER want to leave…


Massage chair

To conclude, the Ideal Home Show was a great experience, lots of fun items to consider for your home. If you really want to think about how to make your home look good though, you’d probably be better off going with a plan in mind. This way, you’ll avoid walking aimlessly around the show with no proper goal. You can spend FAR too much time in the array of food cafes/shops and the food fair, where you can sample lots of delicious things – so don’t get too distracted if you’re serious about finding the right decor for your property.

The Ideal Home Show runs until the 6th April at Olympia London. You can get your tickets here:



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